Windsor Printmaker’s Forum provides facilities for the following processes:

  • Vertical ferric chloride etching bath for copper plates
  • Two intaglio presses (Rembrandt and P-K)
  • 32 x 40 inch paper soaking sink a small selection of large rollers and small brayers
  • Hot plate and both solid and liquid etching grounds 

  • Vandercook automated proofing press (under repair)
  • Ample furniture, leading and other necessary tools (quoins, composing sticks, etc)
  • A moderate selection of lead typefaces and a large selection of ornaments and borders

  • Rembrandt lithography press
  • Stone graining sink
  • A selection of litho stones up to 22 x 30 inches
  • Forklift for moving stones
  • Two leather rollers and three composite rollers
  • Carborundums, lithotine, gum arabic, nitric acid, rosin, talc

Papermaking: (this facility is currently under construction)
  • Hollander beater
  • Two large pulp vats
  • Varying sizes of molds and deckles up to 24 x 30 inches
  • Hydraulic press large enough to accommodate 24 x 30 inch paper sheets Relief
  • Rembrandt etching press roller can be raised to accommodate up to a one-inch wood block

  • Vacuum exposure unit
  • Darkroom for screen coating
  • Large printing tables
  • Squeegees

Other Equipment:
  • Two nipping presses for bookbinding
  • Guillotine paper cutter
  • Print drying rack
  • Print storage drawers

Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, founded by local artists in 1987, has established a working space for area artists to create and produce their own original, limited edition prints. As a non-profit arts organization and an artist-run production center, we offer facilities in lithography, intaglio, relief, silkscreen and letterpress printing, giving area artists/printmakers a place to continue their creative development in the fine arts printmaking medium. All content © 2020.