Windsor Printmaker’s Forum is pleased to present the catalogue for the Sense of Place touring exhibition.

This beautiful 90-page book includes a foreword by Governor General’s Award winning author Nino Ricci, an essay entitled “Writing as Art” by esteemed writer and Officer of the Order of Canada Alistair MacLeod and a photo essay by acclaimed conceptual artist Iain Baxter&, also an Officer of the Order of Canada and Governor General’s Award winner in Visual and Media Arts.

As well, the catalogue contains a transcript of a conversation on Place between Ricci, MacLeod and Baxter&, recorded during the opening reception of Sense of Place at the Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, November 16th, 2007. All of the artworks in the Sense of Place exhibition are pictured in the catalogue in full colour.

The Sense of Place catalogue is available for purchase from the Windsor Printmaker’s Forum for $30.00. To acquire a copy, please contact the studio using the contact form here! 

Artists featured. The Windsor Printmaker’s Forum would like to extend special thanks to The University of Windsor, The University of Toronto Art Centre, The Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario Arts Council, The University of Windsor School of Visual Arts, The Humanities Research Group and our many private donors for their generous sponsorship towards the exhibition catalogue.

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